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Natalia, Cartagena and its magic

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Cartagena is a city you will love. Its dark wood doors contrasts with the walls of the colorful colonial houses. The balconies full of flowers: White and violet bougainvilleas hang throughout the city, filling it with color. The streets of this historic territory are not only decorated with the colonial beauty of their houses and cobbled streets, but also with the saleswomen dressed with a thousand colors that sing and offer their exotic fruits: “Starfruit, pineapple, watermelon come and I make you day.”

The sea breeze feels inside the walled city. Carriages go all over the streets carrying tourists of different nationalities. Beautiful hotels with old houses facades complement the Caribbean food restaurants. In the background you can listen to Cuban, papayera, a little bit of merengue and vallenato music.

Natalia comes to the St. Dom store in Santo Domingo Street of the ancient city. St. Dom is the main concept store of Colombia; it collects the best designers and new brands that are produced in the country. All the products are selected with special care; the curatorship of fashion here is impeccable. It is a clean white space, which contrasts with some stone walls of the colonial house that gives rise to this full of design, fashion and crafts space.

In recent years, Colombia has experienced resurgence in many aspects, the economic, political and social, leaving behind a past trouble by violence and insecurity. This progress can be clearly seen in the cultural expressions like fashion. As well, designers with fashion houses and years of experience have strengthened new clothing and accessories brands, solidly growing inside and outside the country.

The aesthetics of the Colombian fashion has found many ways to manifest itself. Thanks to this, brands that celebrate femininity and coquetry have been consolidated, as well as those with sophisticated and contemporary inspirations. The Colombian Fashion celebrates what we are, what we have been. It rescues the mastery of our craftsmen and exalts the richness in colors of the Caribbean culture.

Natalia has long black hair, she is tall, elegant and her spontaneity radiates light. She walks gracefully and at the same time with such simplicity that characterizes the Colombian women. She looks for a dress at the store for a party in St.Tropez, one of her best friends will have an outdoor wedding. She is a woman who travels around the world, that knows other cultures but that greatly values hers, what has been done in Colombia.

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In St. Dom, Johanna Ortiz dresses, Pepa Pomb pants, Leal Dacaret skirts go with the jewels of Paula Mendoza and purses of M2 Malletier. In recent years the Colombian brands have crossed frontiers and have ended up on the radar of the international fashion, they are in the shop windows of BergdorfGoodman, on the cover of Vogue and are wearing by the socialite in the streets of New York.

Natalia found a piece that catches her attention. A bag with embroidered beads, woven in a thousand textures that seems to be made in a colorful filigree. She was seduced by the femininity and delicateness with which it is mixed the handicrafts of several indigenous cultures and the originality of colors. The magic of the Najash bags will dazzle, once again, in a distant land.

Najash is a brand that celebrates our cultural wealth, which admires the beauty of the artisanal roots and that at the same time connects with the global fashion trends. We make products designed for beautiful Colombian women, who are all over the world and for those who want to take a little of our culture to other places.

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